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LinkedIn Strategies (3/15/2014) Slideset

I spoke on Strategies for Making the Best Use of LinkedIn at Career Actions MInistry (CAM) Saturday 3/15/2014. More information about CAM, including future guest speakers is in this post.

The slideset for the presentation is here (PDF). The handout for the talk, with about 30 LinkedIn-related resources and the list of LinkedIn Account-related settings, is here (PDF).

If you attended, thanks! Either way, feel free to comment or ask a question below.

I’ll be speaking on LinkedIn at Career Actions Ministry on 3/15/2014

Career Actions Ministry is a great organization that helps people seeking work in many ways. The large-group meeting where I’ll be speaking, is held on the first and third Saturdays of each month, from 9:30 to 11am, in the Fellowship Hall, at the Mountain View Campus (known as the Open Door Church Mountain View) of the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. Address of the Fellowship Hall is:
1667 Miramonte Ave, Mountain View, CA 94040

More information about Career Actions Ministry, including the Large Group Meeting calendar, is here:

Information about the Mountain View Campus is here:

I’ll be speaking on LInkedIn, specifically:

Strategies for Making the Best Use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most important online tool for establishing and preserving work and income security in our age of the hollowing out of the middle class. A superior working knowledge of LinkedIn’s basics and nuances is increasingly essential for income resiliency. This talk will include:

    • A quick survey of LinkedIn’s services
    • Reconciling multiple possible career paths with a single LinkedIn profile
    • Benefits of and techniques for growing your LinkedIn Network (as well as potential concerns)
    • Some not-so-obvious reasons why LinkedIn is so important
    • Actions to take, and to be careful about taking, on LinkedIn
    • How to find and contact people in any organization (without paying for an upgraded LinkedIn account)
    • Time for Q&A

LinkedIn is a big tool, complex enough in its basic functions, but also nuanced and even controversial in how  to use it to your best advantage. If you have a particular area or question you’d like me to cover, contact me by email or ask a question here. It would take many hours to fully cover LinkedIn. I have just one so if I don’t adequately cover your issue during the talk, I will on this website or privately as appropriate, afterwards.

Dear Reader, I hope to see you there!


I’m very grateful to Marcia Davis-Cannon, who runs the Large Group Meeting (and is always a hard act to follow) for adding me to the calendar.