LinkedIn Strategies at CSIX 4/17/2014

I presented LinkedIn Strategies today at CSIX ( As with every CSIX meeting, it was great fun and I met and talked with many interesting people.

The slides (PDF) are here.

As I mentioned during the talk, I’d be happy to answer any followup LinkedIn questions here. Ask via the form on this site here¬†or send me an email at and I’ll post it and my answer on this blog post (I won’t use your name or email).

One question came up where I didn’t give the correct or perhaps the complete answer: Under what circumstances will people see changes you make to your Profile even if you’ve changed privacy settings to prevent this? I said I thought turning off “Activity Broadcasts” (“Turn on/off your activity broadcasts” in the “Account & Settings” / “Privacy & Settings” area) would do it. Someone said clicking this button did not prevent communication of her Profile updates. I find nothing obvious that would allow that, but have two guesses:

  • The person substituted Activity Feed (who can see the content you want to share) with Activity Broadcast (Profile updates, etc). Change the Activity Feed to “Everyone” if you want the maximum number of people to see articles etc. that you share. Keep the Activity Broadcast off (box stays unchecked) to keep tweaks off the radar.
  • Also, all Premium Accounts for recruiters allow them to see everyone’s profile, and two of of the Recruiter Premium Accounts allow recruiters to “Track notes, messages, and activity history for every prospect.” I don’t know exactly what this means. If there’s interest, I’ll check with some recruiter friends.

One thing I didn’t mention during the talk is I’ll give any of you a 30 minute complimentary coaching session. This isn’t a come-on for my paid service (though my fees are low and I can probably help :-); I’ll give you everything I can in 30 minutes. Send me an email if you’d like to set up a time.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and to everyone who asked questions!

PS: Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn: