Confidence and energy

I said here that I specialize in helping  you rebuild your confidence that you can find great work, and your energy level to do that. So… how does that work?

In my coaching career, I’ve found the most frequently expressed views regarding a job search or a career change are that it’s frustrating and discouraging. Probably this is no surprise—how could the idea of sending out hundreds of resumes and hearing nothing back be anything but discouraging, and worse? How could finally getting a chance at an interview only to hear you were good but not the best, be anything but bad? The process of searching for openings, customizing and sending out resumes and cover letters, practicing answers to likely interview questions, lends itself to discouragement because the most likely result is repeated failure, failure to hear back good news, or often any news. Some say it’s a numbers game: send enough resumes out and you’ll hear back, hear back enough and you’ll get an interview, interview enough and you’ll get a second interview, enough follow-up interviews and you’ll get a job. But the more numbers pass you by, the more it feels like a lottery. One in a million, or many millions.

My approach is not to counter this downward spiral with a pep talk, or promises that if you just tune your resume this way or that way, you’ll see better results.  A pep talk may work for a day or an hour, but it doesn’t change the external reality that your resumes are not getting good responses. Certainly there are good resumes and not so good resumes, good cover letters and not so good ones, and it’s important to construct them carefully and well. But there is no magic, perfect resume or cover letter that will significantly boost your chance of success.

My approach is easily and simplistically stated: choose the job you really want and take the steps necessary to get it. I will ask you to focus on one job (or two or even three, but not hundreds), and then plan your route as you’d plan your ascent of a mountain.

Assume for a moment that you adopt this approach, and that I can show you the steps to begin and continue your climb.  Instead of repeated failure, each step you take brings you closer to your summit: tangible progress instead of (at best) unsure wandering. Each step familiarizes, acclimates and enables you to take the next step. You have your eye on the goal at all times instead of never knowing which job to apply to next, which resume tweaks to try next. I will show you how each step will prepare you to take the following one, each will make you more suitable and qualified for the next all the way to getting the job you truly want.

Each step you take towards your goal is energizing because you’re getting somewhere. It is the opposite of sending resumes to every possible opening you qualify for, and getting nowhere. You may move more quickly or more slowly along your path, but each step will be successful because it is within your control instead of the control of an anonymous recruiter. Each successful step you take brings confidence that you can take the next. Energy and confidence reinforce each other, and make you ever more able, willing and ready to take the next step.

That’s my service—to replace discouragement and frustration, with energy and confidence. If you would like to know more Ask a Question. If you would like a complimentary 30 minutes with me in person or over the phone Contact Me.


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  1. I was poking around on your site. I LIKE it! I like that you explain how you can help people. I like the articles you have written. I look forward to your talk on March 15 at CAM.
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